New drill alliance

Sandefjord: During this year's ONS a new alliance will be launched for building drilling and sludge treatment modules. Hydralift, Nymo Mekaniske Verksted in Grimstad and Future Engineering in Sandefjord are aiming to develop and deliver complete drilling packages. "We have great faith in this collaboration, which will be based on advanced technology, the use of a stable workforce and a yard with long experience in building drilling modules," Heidi M. Petersen, the managing director of Future Engineering AS tells us. "We are very pleased that Hydralift is now choosing Norwegian partners for this exciting drill alliance."

Future Engineering has a past as Kværner Engineering in Sandefjord. When Kværner restructured its activities two and a half years ago, Future Engineering was formed. The business is based on specializing in developing small and medium-sized platforms and gas technology.

"The market is looking for smaller, independent engineering companies. After a major consolidation in the market has taken place, the oil companies want more alternatives. We have a great advantage in that we can be more flexible than the large, heavyweight engineering organizations," she says.

It is projects like Valhall Flanke that are important for Fututre Engineering. This project is being carried out in an alliance with Heerema Tønsberg and the Dutch company IV Oil and Gas. The Sandefjord-based company has also won a contract to build a propane storage facility in Mongstad. "This is a typical job for us, whereas many of the big companies' basic organizations are too large for such jobs to be profitable. But with our staff of 70 in all, we are more oriented toward jobs of this kind. The jobs we envision range in size from NOK 5 million to NOK 100 million.

Petersen's goal is to increase activity. "We foresee growth and expect to double the number of employees within two years. Luckily it is not difficult to recruit good people. Since people want to live in the area, we are receiving lots of inquiries from people who want to work for us."

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