El-on på ONS i Stavanger

Sukk... Mang en håpefull slet med å komme nær sin store helt under ONS i Stavanger. Her bringer vi videre betraktningen fra en av dem.

Elon Musk i pressemylderet på ONS i Stavanger.
Elon Musk i pressemylderet på ONS i Stavanger. Foto: Carina Johansen/NTB
Jan M. MobergJan M. MobergAdm. dir. & ansv. red.
30. aug. 2022 - 10:20

Put your El On
Dearest Elon our old friend
You came to visit us again
With your glory, and your grace 
To conquer our electric race 
Oh, Elon just you say the word
And I'll be ready with my sword
Although it used to sound like shit
Now I am ready to commit
I know a guy who shook your hand
And a woman from our land
Who got to sit down for a talk
They never got back to their walk
Dearest Elon don’t you see
All you really really need is me
Get your el on, and we’ll resolve
How the future will evolve
At least I got there when you flew
Though I must say there wasn’t few
I managed to put out my fear 
At least I can say I was there
And add that I got sort of near …

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