New single column floater from ABB

ABB wants to challenge Spars International. The spar platform has become a success. ABB wants to be better with its Single Column Floater (SCF). Currently this has a design with a maximum 14 metres wave height. "We need to design it to suit Norwegian conditions, which means wave heights of 30 metres. Those designed till now are made for 14 metre wave heights. With a wave height of 30 metres, our SCF can be a good alternative for the development of Ormen Lange," says Rune Strømquist director of research at ABB.

The SCF can be used for developing marginal fields. ABB has made a point of designing the SCF so that it can be towed to the field with the topsides mounted. In this way the operator avoids having to do heavy lifts offshore.

It can also be developed for more extreme weather conditions such as in the Norwegian Sea and farther north. ABB aims to develop the SCF so that it can be mass-produced.

Anders J. Steensen

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